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During the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's, Japanese and Asian automobiles were all the rage. Part of the reason behind this was the new innovative designs they brought to the fold, but really the cars were more expensive then many of their competitors, which is a very interesting situation. It seemed that people were choosing style and design over price and efficiency. However, once the year 2008 brought about an enormous rise in gas prices and insurance costs, these numbers began to change back towards efficiency and price over design and style.

Sure, if you are going to spend a lot of money on a vehicle that you'll be driving for the next several years, it helps to have something that looks and drives nice. Still, this doesn't mean that you have to overpay for a car. Shouldn't it be possible to buy a car that looks good, but is also expensive? Also, what's the deal with the price of hybrids anyway? It seems that hybrids are a great way to go, that is until you look at the price tag. Most hybrids can cost an extra 10k thanks to the fees and other costs that the dealers and car manufacturers tack on the sticker price. This means that the cost you would save at the pump are offset by the price you pay for the car.

So what can you do then if you want to match design with efficiency and reliability? Well lucky for you, there are still options, one of which is the Romanian car maker Dacia cars, which was purchased by Renault auto in 1999. Dacia has been making cars since the 60's and has been offering great reliable cars at cheap prices for over 40 years. Dacia makes a mix of crossover SUV models, sport sedans, and vans and trucks that are both sensible and stylish.

Most of the cars in the Dacia line are at a price between 5k and 7k, which means that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a car. They also feature smaller engines that consume far fewer amounts of fuel during operation, which means you'll save money at the pump too. Dacia cars don't feature any fancy trim or luxury parts, so the price you pay will be spent on the implementation of quality parts and quality design. Although you won't win a race in a Dacia car, you won't be going broke with one either.

Dacia understands that car buyers want cars that can save them money during the purchase and at the pump. They've tried experimenting with other more expensive vehicles and consumers didn't respond well. Since that time, Dacia has been perfecting their current models, which tanks to an influx of money by Renault, have been perfected for the 21'st century consumer, plus auto insurance coverage is extremely cheap for Dacia's too. You won't take your Dacia to a car show, but it can definitely get you from point A to point B without trouble. Dacia cars are reliable and when they do need repair, they can be fixed very inexpensively. You really can't go wrong with Dacia cars, so if you are looking to buy a new or used car, then consider going with a Dacia or you can go for a Car rental at

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